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How to minimize shoplifting?

By Christophe Lebegge | 23-Mar-2017 10:03:33

For minimising the billions in losses that retailers have every year because of shoplifting, EAS is a tried and tested method. Read further to know how electronic article surveillance works.

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How fitting room security can be improved

By Britta Buchholz | 09-Mar-2017 15:07:57

Often the security aspect in retail is a challenge and the possibilities of combining valuable features are frequently unknown.

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What is Electronic Article Surveillance?

By Britta Buchholz | 03-Oct-2016 13:49:25

Electronic Article Surveillance is a technological method for preventing shoplifting from retail stores. With the appliance of special tags to the products inside fashion and grocery stores, the products are under surveillance and cannot be taken outside the store without proper removal or deactivation of the cashier, which takes place when the items are bought. At the exit of the store, a detection system has been placed to place an alert if there has been a detection of an “active item”.

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