Topic: Cash Management


Hygiëne & Cash – een schone oplossing

By Femke van den Hondel | 10-Jul-2018 13:11:00

Staat u stil bij hygiëne wanneer u een broodje of snack afrekent met vies en gebruikt geld?

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“Choose for safety and get efficiency” - Bouwmaat Amsterdam

By Britta Buchholz | 08-Aug-2017 13:49:00

In construction and DYI stores, a lot of money is being spent daily. "If you work with cash, security for customers and staff is of high importance," says Harko Ebbens, director of five Bouwmaat franchise companies in the Amsterdam area. "Since we use Gunnebo's Retail Station at the two largest branches, this security has been significantly improved."

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'Fast, Secure and Efficient Cash Management'- Meander Medisch Centrum

By Femke van den Hondel | 24-May-2017 07:49:01

The Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort is one of the best hospitals in the Netherlands according, to Elsevier's annual research (2015).

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How big is the cost of holding cash for retailers?

By Christophe Lebegge | 06-Apr-2017 14:38:09

One of the security risk for retailers, their customers and their staff is having cash on site in the tills or in the back office. Due to this security risk a priority for retailers is minimising the threat of robbery.

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