Pre-Security Gates - Making life easier for flight passengers - Efficiency, Security and Happiness!

By Britta Buchholz | 08-Dec-2017 14:59:39

"Now we see no bottlenecks, and the risk of stressed situations is almost non existent. In addition, it leads to faster flow, so that our passengers have more time to enjoy shops, lounges and eateries in Billund Airport. ", Says Jan Skov.

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“Choose for safety and get efficiency” - Bouwmaat Amsterdam

By Britta Buchholz | 08-Aug-2017 13:49:00

In construction and DYI stores, a lot of money is being spent daily. "If you work with cash, security for customers and staff is of high importance," says Harko Ebbens, director of five Bouwmaat franchise companies in the Amsterdam area. "Since we use Gunnebo's Retail Station at the two largest branches, this security has been significantly improved."

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How to protect yourself with the right Standards in Security Doors, Windows and Partitions?

By Britta Buchholz | 08-Jun-2017 15:25:15

Threats, terror and attacks are unfortunately more and more part of our daily life…it happens right around us, it is on the news and spread over social media – every day! But how can we prevent ourselves against those identified risks...

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How fitting room security can be improved

By Britta Buchholz | 09-Mar-2017 15:07:57

Often the security aspect in retail is a challenge and the possibilities of combining valuable features are frequently unknown.

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